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What does diarchy mean?

diarchy - a form of government having two joint rulers.

Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia
VARIANT FORMS: also dy∑ar∑chy
NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. di∑ar∑chies
Government by two joint rulers.

We usually work in pairs on stage. Besides, we are in pairs when trying to capture the spectators' attention and hold control over it at least for a wile.

Moreover, the first two letters "Di" stand for my sisterís name Diana and the next two letters stand for my name Arvydas. The rest three letters sound like our family name the Gaičiūnai.

Please, listen how does "diarchy" should be pronounced.

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When we were in Italy, we liked the way the Italians pronounce our theatre name. It sounds in this way.
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We resolved that this was the best way to pronounce it.

Please listen to the overture (intro) of our show and youíll hear the word several times.
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Sometimes, we find our name transcribed in a wrong way in various programs, titles or press releases and we are really unhappy to see it. Please never transcribe our name in the following ways:

DIARCHY, DEArchy, Dj Archy :)), Di Archy, DiARCHY, Di ARCHY, DuoArchy, Diarchi, Piarchy :) etc.

Please remember the correct transcription and pronunciation of the name of our theatre.
The only correct way is the
Magic Theater "DiArchy".



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